When my friend originally built his PC

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canada goose coats If that happens, just go to your BIOS and set SATA mode back to IDE, then boot Windows, and activate AHCI as described above, reboot, and jump back into BIOS and activate AHCI as described.When my friend originally built his PC, after installing Win 7 he went into the Bios and changed from IDE to AHCI. Evenafter fixing the PSU issue, he was still having some random crashes. After he followed the above directions he’s been crashfree “knock on wood” so far for a few days.. canada goose coats

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Canada Goose sale The only things which are not plugged in are some extra sata power connectors which I did not need. I unplugged and plugged the cable going to the 8 pin port near my processorMy only other thought is that it could have something to do with my video card, canada goose outlet vip due to the canada goose outlet price motherboard’s lack of integrated graphics. We spent a lot canada goose outlet in vancouver of time on this. Canada Goose sale

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